The Pursuit for Skinniness – Do You Have the Right Motivation to Lose Weight?

The Pursuit for Skinniness

Many people, me included, are motivated to lose weight to be skinny. This motivation leads to fad diets that are both ineffective and unhealthy. What’s worse is that wrong diets do not lead to weight loss but loss of motivation to stay healthy and fit.

Like most people who desperately want to shed pounds, I have gone through unhealthy ways to be skinny. I skipped meals only to end up binge eating, thinking I deserve to eat more than I should have. Apparently, skipping meals not only wreck havoc to your blood sugar. It also alters your metabolism so that instead of losing weight, you have more fat in your body. Not only did I feel sluggish and tired, I also lost motivation since I did not see results.

The Right Motivation to Lose Weight

Most fad diets do not tell you about one of the most important factors in effective weight loss – the right motivation. If you’re entering a weight loss program to be skinny, chances are you are putting your health at risk.
The right motivation inspires long-term results and commitment. Maintaining a healthier weight, becoming a good example to your children, and lowering risks to different diseases are among the best motivations to lose weight.

This shows how psychological factors are as important as eating healthy and being active in order to reach your desired weight. In fact, it is interesting to note that skinny as a standard of beauty is all in the mind. It is a construct designed to make you feel bad about the body you have even if your BMI shows you have a healthy weight.

Contrary to popular belief, being skinny will not change your self esteem. If you do not have confidence when you are fat, you won’t gain it when you become skinny. Therefore, if your motivation to lose weight is the misconception that skinny is beautiful, you are missing the point.

Instead of focusing on what the society tells you is beautiful, focus on being happy and healthy. You will be surprised at how this motivation helps you become a balanced person not just physically but emotionally and mentally as well.