Four Ways to Healthier Downtimes

Ways to Healthier Downtimes

We always hear about how a busy lifestyle creates stress. What we don’t talk about as often as we should is how non-busy times can be unhealthy as well. Based on experience, it is during downtimes when I overeat, think of unhealthy thoughts, or get stuck in front of the computer or television.

As someone who advocates health and fitness, I struggled to keep my downtimes as productive as possible. There are days when being active is just too much that I’d rather stay in bed, get a slice of pizza, and scroll mindlessly through social networking sites. The thing is, there is nothing wrong if you want to do these in certain days. However, there are ways to keep your downtimes healthier and still get the same enjoyment. Here are four ways to do it.

  • Snack HealthyWhen the weather is cold and you just feel like staying home, you can’t help but eat as many snacks as you can. Instead of going for the usual poison of your choice aka chips and other junk foods, you may consider making a smoothie or other healthier alternatives. Contrary to popular belief, healthy food can taste good too. In fact, you can prepare vegan pizza with recipes that are easily accessible online.
  • Spend Time with your FamilyWhen I have free time, I make sure I go out with my family and go some place where we can bond. Sometimes we go out and walk our dogs, ride our bicycles around town, or go swim at a local pool.
  • Plan Your Day AheadThe problem with downtimes is they create this illusion that you have all the time in the world. Instead of wasting the day away, why don’t you plan your day ahead? Perhaps there are tasks that you have been putting aside during your busier days. Planning ahead will give you more room to weed out activities that you need to finish from unproductive ones. Be wise in using your downtimes to avoid stressful work later on.

Join Groups with the Same Interests as Yours

I joined a yoga group when I quit my job to start a new one. That preoccupied my time and helped me focus on my health as well. The idea is to never stay idle. Just because you have time to kill, doesn’t mean you waste it on activities that will not contribute to your wellbeing.