About Hela

Thanks for catching up! I am Hela Masmoudi from Bristol, England (yes, I have that accent and I talk a lot!) I am a music lover, coffee drinker, writer, blogger, deep thinker, book worm and basically quite melancholic. I am not much of a fashionista like girls around my age but I do adore good-looking outfits.
I am currently living under one roof with my long-time boyfriend of 5 years. He is the best creature on earth and loves me for who I was and who I am. Thorough good times and bad, through slim and fat, he’s there. The past few years I had been struggling with weight problem and he was there to support me and made me realized that I should love myself regardless of my appearance.
Things have changed ever since and we are living a healthy lifestyle together. Our parents are the happiest people on earth since my coping period. I hope my blog will encourage you in some ways and make you see life from different perspective. Thanks for stopping by, please do leave a comment if you have some thoughts.
Love: Hella.