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The Pursuit for Skinniness – Do You Have the Right Motivation to Lose Weight?

The Pursuit for Skinniness

Many people, me included, are motivated to lose weight to be skinny. This motivation leads to fad diets that are both ineffective and unhealthy. What’s worse is that wrong diets do not lead to weight loss but loss of motivation to stay healthy and fit.

Like most people who desperately want to shed pounds, I have gone through unhealthy ways to be skinny. I skipped meals only to end up binge eating, thinking I deserve to eat more than I should have. Apparently, skipping meals not only wreck havoc to your blood sugar. It also alters your metabolism so that instead of losing weight, you have more fat in your body. Not only did I feel sluggish and tired, I also lost motivation since I did not see results.

The Right Motivation to Lose Weight

Most fad diets do not tell you about one of the most important factors in effective weight loss – the right motivation. If you’re entering a weight loss program to be skinny, chances are you are putting your health at risk.
The right motivation inspires long-term results and commitment. Maintaining a healthier weight, becoming a good example to your children, and lowering risks to different diseases are among the best motivations to lose weight.

This shows how psychological factors are as important as eating healthy and being active in order to reach your desired weight. In fact, it is interesting to note that skinny as a standard of beauty is all in the mind. It is a construct designed to make you feel bad about the body you have even if your BMI shows you have a healthy weight.

Contrary to popular belief, being skinny will not change your self esteem. If you do not have confidence when you are fat, you won’t gain it when you become skinny. Therefore, if your motivation to lose weight is the misconception that skinny is beautiful, you are missing the point.

Instead of focusing on what the society tells you is beautiful, focus on being happy and healthy. You will be surprised at how this motivation helps you become a balanced person not just physically but emotionally and mentally as well.

Should You Pay Extra for a Personal Trainer?

Should You Pay Extra for a Personal Trainer?

For people like me who are serious about getting toned, strong, and flexible, hiring a personal trainer may be a good idea. They may also give tips in effective weight loss while you are completing your sessions. However, like all things, there are pros and cons to hiring your personal trainer. I narrowed down some of these advantages and disadvantages to help you decide.

Pros – Trainers Guide you about Where to Start

When I started my fitness program, I had no idea what I was doing. I tried to do my homework by researching about fitness in general, but there are so many information it’s hard to keep up. Hiring a personal trainer is pretty much like getting a legal advice. You cannot learn everything there is to know about the legal system. The same is true with your fitness. Also, you want to make sure you are doing it right especially since it is all about your health.

Pros –Trainers Provide Expertise and Personalized Program for your Body Type

The problem with going to the gym or exercising on your own is you will never know if you are doing it right. On the other hand, a trainer provides safe and effective routines to help their clients reach their weight goals. More importantly, having someone oversee your progress ensures your safety and health.

Cons – Trainers can be Expensive

If you are working on a budget, hiring a personal trainer may cost a lot. The good thing about this though is that if you have a gym membership, you can always join classes that incorporate weights and other group sessions. You may also scout for discounts and packages from the gyms around your area.

When I started, I had a gym buddy who shared the sessions with me. If this is possible, you can arrange an agreement with the instructor so that it is convenient and beneficial for everyone. In my experience, trainers are willing to negotiate deals especially for clients who have been loyal to the gym they work for.

Hiring a trainer is fun and challenging at the same time. The best part about this is they keep you motivated to stay in shape. What’s fun is that you also get recipes, personalized programs, and workouts that are tailored to your own needs. It is a worthy investment for your health and fitness. Find ways to squeeze it on your budget. You will be glad you did.

Practical Weight Loss Tips that Work

Practical Weight Loss Tips that Work

I used to think weight loss is difficult because I barely saw results. It turned out that my weight loss program at the time is not what I needed. When it comes to weight loss, there are things that may work to certain people and not show the same results to others. However, there are also practical weight loss tips that work for all kinds of people.

Setting Realistic Goals

If there is one thing I learned about losing weight, it’s the fact that I can’t be too hard on myself. I noticed that the things that work are the once that I can sustain for the long haul. For obvious reasons, anything that is too tough can be difficult to maintain. In other words, it is best to set goals that are realistic and are based on your own pace.
Give yourself enough time to reach your goal. Do not push yourself too hard, but do not make it too easy either to the point that you are slacking off. Keep in mind that it takes about six months for most people to reach their goal.

Get the Support that You Need

I learned that you can monitor your improvements by yourself, but having a support group to cheer you on helps a lot too. Having someone who can be your fitness partner works wonders when it comes to your motivation. There are online support groups and in-person groups that can serve this purpose as well.

Mix Things Up

When you think outside of the box, you can be creative with the different exercises that you involve yourself in. You can do physical activities that you enjoy most. For example, instead of staying in the gym the whole time, you can go play badminton, take a few laps at a pool, or go dancing with friends. You can mix things up so you don’t get bored with routine workouts.

Eat Breakfast

The importance of breakfast cannot be emphasized enough. It is truly the most important meal since it helps you stay active for the rest of the day.

Use Time Wisely

Most people complain about not having enough time to go to the gym or prepare healthy meals. Some people resort to processed food since they are easier to prepare. The truth is, most of these people spend a lot of time watching TV or staying online. Be wise in your choices especially when it comes to which activities you spend most of your time on.

When it comes to weight loss, I learned that I have to make conscious decisions and lifestyle changes to reach my goal. The tips mentioned here are very simple and practical, but they can make a big difference to your weight loss goals and your overall health.