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How Does the Mentality of Change Help in your Weight Loss Goals?

How Does the Mentality of Change Help in your Weight Loss Goals?

I know from experience what it’s like to write New Year’s resolutions and convince myself that change is going to happen. Most of the time, however, I fail to keep up with the promises I made to myself. Unless there is a huge event that pushes us to do something, we tend to think of change as a distant fantasy.

In my case, the need to be healthy was the main motivation. The fear of developing diseases that are borne out of poor lifestyle choices has made me become more proactive in the changes that I want to make in my life.

Taking Action

Perhaps the most difficult part of change is taking action. There is a big difference between mentally telling yourself to wake up early the next day to exercise and physically waking up the next day to actually exercise. On top of that, we have become so accustomed to instant gratification that hard work and patience have become rare virtues. This is where fad diets and exercise programs come from.

The truth is there is no easy way to lose weight. Even if you opt for surgeries to get rid of the extra fats, you will still need to work hard to maintain your weight. Unless you do not keep this in mind, you will always find excuses from taking action and making the change that you want or need.

The key is to focus on your motivation. Always think of the reason why you need to do this. If your motivation is to stay healthy for yourself and for your family, there will always be something that will push you to get up in the morning.

Staying In Track

Once you are past the taking action stage, the usual problem that comes next is staying in track. Change is not something that happens overnight. It takes months or years for the change to take effect and become part of your regular lifestyle.
When you find yourself struggling to stay on track, you can try and mix things up a little bit so it becomes interesting again. For example, instead of going to the gym, you can choose to opt for physical activities that you enjoy. Joining a dance class or inviting friends for a volleyball game are among these activities.

Setting New Goals

Once you have achieved your goal, setting new goals should always follow. Do not slack down on change. As mentioned earlier, change is a long-term process and it is continuous. As the old saying goes, there is nothing constant in this universe but change. So enjoy setting up new challenges for yourself!

What to Do About Eating?

Problems with Binge Eating?

I used to struggle with binge eating. I know a lot of people with the same problem. It starts with a harmless craving for something sweet. The next thing you know, you find yourself in front of the fridge looking for food to satisfy your craving.
For a long time, overeating past dinner was a habit I tried to get rid of. The fact that I was aware of what it was doing to my body made it worse. I knew what I was getting myself into but it seemed like I could not control myself. In my mind, there was an invisible force that lured me to the fridge even after I already had my meal.

To resolve this, I decided to consciously remind myself not to eat past 8 o’clock in the evening. It worked for the first couple of days, but I went through backslide and thought I would never recover. I realized that maybe there is more to this issue than addressing it with sheer determination. I looked it up and learned there are different causes to this problem. Each of these causes requires a particular approach for the best recovery.

Discovering the Root of the Problem

I learned that I overate not just because I was bored. I realized that hunger can either be emotional or physical. The nights when I had the strongest urge to eat were during those nights when I was going through stress at work or with my personal life.
On the other hand, I know some people who overeat because they starved themselves during the day. For obvious reasons, not eating anything when you need it the most will result to hunger that you can’t control. The worst part about not eating during the day is you overeat at night just when you are about to sleep. This means you can no longer burn the calories that you have gathered. As a result, you gain more weight instead of the other way around.

How to Resolve Binge Eating

The solution to binge eating depends on the root cause of the problem. If you are feeling physical hunger, the solution is to not skip meals. Eat a healthy balanced meal when you are supposed to. Be aware of the fact that starving yourself will not help you achieve the weight that you desire. In fact, it will do the opposite to your body.

On the other hand, if the root cause of the problem is emotional, you must confront these issues first. I joined yoga classes so I can minimize my stress levels. I tried my best to keep my work at the office and not bring it with me when I go home. All these things worked perfectly although it took time.

Resolving eating problems take time. It is a process that requires dedication and patience. Do not be too hard on yourself when you relapse. Get to know yourself better and find out why you overate again. Address the root cause of the problem and you are on your way to healthy eating.

Healthy and Effective Tricks to Lose Weight

Healthy and Effective Tricks to Lose Weight

Congratulations on your decision to be healthy! The fact that you are reading this article means you are making steps to ensure you have a healthy life ahead of you. Contrary to popular belief, weight loss is not as simple as avoiding that piece of cake or killing yourself at the gym. Staying healthy is a lifetime commitment.


Here are some tricks that have helped me in my own weight loss journey. They are not fad diets and are guaranteed to be safe and healthy.


Say No to Processed Food

This has been a challenge for me since it is way easier to buy packaged food instead of making it myself. The danger here is that processed and packaged meals are full of carbohydrates, hidden ingredients, and sugars that will not help you achieve your ideal weight. These convenience foods are also full of preservatives and fats that are harmful to your health.

The trick is to allot time to go to the grocery to pick fresh fruits and vegetables. Waking up a little earlier than usual to prepare meals is a good way to ensure you have control over what you are eating. The best part about this is I also learned to manage my time on top of managing my meals.

No More Lonely Salads

I used to think that if I eat only salads for lunch and dinner, I am expediting my weight loss. What I noticed though is that I crave for more food. Apparently, eating salads alone affects the hormone ghrelin, which signals the brain to eat. Missing carb-containing foods in your diet will lower your ghrelin amounts, which means you will be eating more later. The trick is to eat the right amount of grains, bread, pasta, and fruits so that you stay full longer.

Get Enough Sleep

People who get less than five hours of sleep at night have 73% more chances of becoming obese than those who get about five to seven hours of sleep.

Exercise before Breakfast

The best time to do aerobic workout is before you eat your breakfast in the morning. During this time, your insulin level is at its lowest. This means the energy you are using should come from fat.
These simple tricks only require a little tweaking in your lifestyle. The best part is you really do not need a lot of work for all of this. All you need is consistency and dedication to your goal